How Employment Agencies Work

If you have any misunderstandings about the working of employment agencies, then it is time you cleared any misgivings you might have in your mind regarding their working. The little fee that you may or may not pay is really worth every penny and even more. Here is how a typical recruitment agency goes about with its chores.

Big staffing agencies employ dozens of calling agents who have expert knowledge in locating talents around the world. Their principal sources of information are social media, news paper advertisements and people who contact them by word of mouth. The second source of information is applicants who approach the agency directly. Though it was the norm several years before to send in a CV by post, things have changed vastly nowadays with the advent of computers, internet and email.

The second element in the working of any employment agency is maintaining a cordial relationship with employers, for which purpose agencies appoint agents too. They liaise with the employer and begin to study their requirements. Once a detailed study has been completed, the agency takes the permission of the employer to publicise their requirement to go on a head hunting spree on their behalf.

The first place that recruiters look for information is the office database. Though most of the matching is done automatically by computers, it is not uncommon to tweak the final match manually. It is normal for agencies to recommend more than one applicant to the employer. The employer after receipt of information shortlists candidates they find fit. Now the deck is cleared for the agency to arrange a meeting between the employer and a prospective employee.

Sometimes the process may become more complex, especially if the skills set expected of the candidate are very special. It can take several days or even weeks if a match is not available in the agency’s database. In such situation, the agency turns to the social media. They will list out applicants in job portals and even in social media like LinkedIn for example.

The climax is the culmination of a meeting between the employer and applicant. During such meetings the agency represents itself through a report detailing the applicant’s claims and the documents he or she has presented before it.

The crowing of the effort is the employer issuing a letter of appointment by the employer. Employment agencies take an active role in the preparation of contracts and other peripheral activities connected with it.